Digital Forensics

Mission knowledge, domain expertise, and innovative technologies enable KLC to design, develop, and deliver analysis systems, special purpose subsystems, and specialized software products for critical mission information, data infrastructures, and cyber platforms. Assisting the Intelligence Community (IC), Defense DOD, and Homeland Security as well as Federal, Civilian, and Law Enforcement agencies, KLC develops and deploys systems to protect, detect, monitor, analyze, and respond to mission requirements.


  • Digital Forensic Software & Systems Development, Analysis,
    and Examination

  • Security Management, Evaluation, Offensive/Defensive, and

  • Penetration Assessment
    Forensic Discovery, Correlation, and Data Recovery

  • Biometric Collection, Analysis, Correlation, and Collaboration

  • Linguistic Services and Field Support
  • Case Management and Forensic Investigations
  • Geospatial Systems Software and Services
  • Signals Intelligence Systems and Services
  • Technology and Specialized Training Services